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14 Geology in the National Park Service
Long considered the backdrop to the biological systems of national parks, geology is now becoming part of land planning and education in the U.S. National Park Service.
David B. Shaver and Jim F. Wood

20 Returning the Favor
Since 1977, with support from earth science societies, geoscientists have been working on Capitol Hill through the Congressional Science and Engineering Fellowship Program. Heres how some are giving back to the geoscience community.
Maeve Boland

25 Investments for the Future: NSF and USGS
The new administration is calling for budget cuts. How do we make a case for earth science funding? Two recent National Research Council reports could serve as guides.
David Applegate

News and Views

5 COMMENT Scientists serving Congress
Why science fellows make valuable congressional staffers.
The Honorable Rush Holt


12 POLITICAL SCENE  Making the Investment
President Bush releases his new budget, and we look at how science has been funded.
Margaret Baker

13  FOR STUDENTS Bringing Young Scientists to the USGS
A new postdoctoral fellowship program at the U.S. Geological Survey.
Rama K. Kotra et al.



52 GEOLOGIC COLUMN The Thoughtful Writer
Assorted topics and Web sites for geowriters.
Hugh Hay-Roe

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