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April 2002
vol. 47, no. 4


14 EarthScope: Reassembling a Continent in Motion

How do you watch an entire continent as it moves? The proposed EarthScope project would allow earth scientists to study North America on a continental scale.
Gregory van der Vink for the EarthScope Working Group and steering committees

20 Science on Tribal Lands
Land management requires good earth science, especially for one of the country's most significant land-owning populations: Native Americans.
Susan M. Marcus


Science Funding out of Balance

Advances in science and technology are keystones of economic prosperity. We need to support a broad portfolio.
The Honorable Sherwood Boehlert

USGS water research threatened * Life on the rocks n East vs. West in the inner core * Trouble in British Columbia * T-rex: Speed walker, not runner * Field Notes

Turning a Request into Reality
It is going to take a major effort by the geoscience community to convince Congress to fund EarthScope. But the long-term payoff will be worth it.
David Applegate

Slip and slide in Kentucky * Dry spell in the Eastern U.S. * Quake shows Turkey quick and nimble

32 RESOURCES The Geologic Cycles of Gold
One key to gold exploration is understanding the source.
Richard J. Goldfarb and David I. Groves

42 TECHNOLOGY 3-2-1 Meltdown
The Cryobot: It burrows, it melts, it collects.
Christina Reed


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In Memoriam: Ian Whillans
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