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December 2001
vol. 46, no. 12


14 Global Climate Change: A Glance in the Rearview Mirror
Just how far back does the geologic record take us in understanding Earth’s past climate?
Matthew Huber

20 Lake Titicaca: An Archive of South American Paleoclimate
Researchers are drilling sediments in Lake Titicaca in southeastern Peru to understand climate changes on small time scales.
Paul Baker et al.

News and Views

5 Comment
To Predict the Unpredictable

The more we learn about Earth’s past climate, the more complex the picture becomes.
Steven M. Stanley

6 News Notes
Reconstructing Martian geologic history * The hazards of storing coal slurry * Macro-evolution at its finest * Shelling out new climate data * Sea level today and tomorrow * Field Notes

12 Political Scene
A Fellow’s Welcome to Washington

A new Congressional Science Fellow recounts coming to the Hill in the wake of Sept. 11
David Curtiss

26 Geophenomena
Security Measures on Tap
Bolstering water supplies against terrorism.
Christina Reed

84 Geologic Column
Field Work
A nostalgic look back and skeptical look forward.
Fred Schwab


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  4 Letters: Perspectives from readers
24 Where on Earth?
28 Benchmarks: Looking back in Geotimes
29 Energy & Resources
30 Society Page: News from geoscience societies
32 Geomedia: A review of The Map that Changed the World
36 GeoMarketplace
39 Classified Ads: Career Opportunities
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