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April 1996 Table of Contents Volume 41 Number 4

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    Educating Professional Geologists for the 21st Century: Is Accreditation Part of the Answer?
    Robert D. Hatcher Jr. and Robert G. Corbett


    News Notes
    Janice O. Childress - Supercomputing at Sandia ... Where the dust settles ... Smart buoys ... Closing the hole? ... Long-distance geology ... Weeks Island closing down ... Looking younger all the time ... Magma on the rise ... Setting water limits ... Getting the lead out

    Political Scene
    David Applegate - Establishing a National Institute for the Environment

    No Rocks, No Water, No Ecosystem?
    Eugene A. Shinn - Geoscience contributes to the understanding of water-quality problems in the Florida Keys.

    Carbonate Crisis?
    Esther C. Peters and Harry B. McCarty - New diseases endanger corals and reef communities.

    Carolina, the Keys, and Coral Reef Research
    Steven Miller - Underwater studies support the protection and use of coastal resources.

    See the related press release describing the April issue.

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