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April 1998 Table of Contents Volume 43 Number 4

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    The Importance of Science Literacy
    Vernon J. Ehlers


    Kristina Bartlett and Devra Wexler
    A living cave ... Debating the origin of ALH84001 ... Paleo-whodunit ... An idea that holds water ... Probing Earth with GPS technology ... Quake-shocked crust heals ... Submarine secrets assist science ...

    A Smoking Gun for Science? The President's Budget Request
    David Applegate


    Preserving the Valles Caldera: A Foundation of Life & Culture
    by Jeff Bingaman
    An enormous caldera in northern New Mexico has been privately owned for centuries. Now it's up for sale. Senator Bingaman explains why this magnificent natural resource should be preserved for all Americans.

    Links Across the Pacific Rim: U.S.-Japan Earthquake Loss Prevention Strategies
    by Arthur J. Zeizel
    Earthquake-hazard reduction has become a matter of foreign policy for the United States and Japan. Recent efforts by the two countries to address mutual concerns are described.

    Regional Forums: Linking Science and Management
    by Paul Dresler and Mark Schaefer
    Through regional science forums, the Interior Department is exploring new ways to share resource management decisions with their field offices, universities, and nongovernmental organizations across the nation.

    Energy R&D for the Next Century
    by William L. Fisher
    A report from a presidentially appointed committee calls for increased federal investment in applied energy research and predicts that energy issues and environmental needs will be more closely tied together in the decades ahead.

    Communicating with Congress -- Part III. The Home Front
    by Joseph A. Briskey
    Public outreach -- to constituents, special-interest groups, and local media -- can provide effective avenues for scientists to communicate their views to members of Congress.

    See the related press release describing the April issue.

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    April Geotimes cover courtesy of the U.S. Forest Service
    The grasslands of Valle Grande spread toward Redondito, on the flank of Redondo Peak in the distance.

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