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August 1998 Table of Contents Volume 43 Number 8

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    Kristina Bartlett and Devra Wexler

    What triggers the ice rafts? ... Small particles, big findings ... Evolution out of starvation ... Administration makes waves ... Teaching our teachers ... Global seismic network reaches new depths ... Questioning the fossil record ... Research "shocks" geophysicists ... Deep impact on Capitol Hill ...

    The Case for a Natural Hazards Caucus
    David Applegate


    Solid Answers on the Environment
    David E. Blockstein


    Underground Temperatures Reveal Changing Climate
    by Henry N. Pollack and Shaopeng Huang
    Few people argue any longer about rising global temperatures. The debate now centers around the causes: are they manifestations of natural processes or anthropogenic forces? Two geothermal researchers explain how borehole temperature profiles can be used to reconstruct the history of Earth's surface temperatures, especially during the past five-to-ten centuries, and to help predict future trends.

    Solving the Mysteries of Hibernia
    by Geoff Meeker
    To better understand the depositional characteristics of the Grand Banks, the Hibernia oil field's Reservoir Performance Team digs back 220 million years to examine two different formations that were once part of a large deltaic system. By studying the passage of environments through time and the effects of plate tectonics, the team creates models that are being used to develop the field.

    Rosetta Stones of the Deep
    by Kathleen Wren
    Two thousand meters beneath the surface waters of the Gulf of Mexico, a volcanologist and a marine geologist from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution have teamed up to study basalt pillars on the sea floor. By studying these mysterious columns of lava, the researchers hope to contribute to our understanding of how Earth's crust forms and transfers heat from its hot interior.

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    August Geotimes cover: Drill rig boring into Earth. Photo Credit: Henry N. Pollack.

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