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December 1996 Table of Contents Volume 41 Number 12

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    Mathematical Modeling in Coastal Geology
    Orrin H. Pilkey & E. Robert Thieler Using models to manage coastal resources produces flawed science and flawed decisions.


    Janice O. Childress Blue-Skies are here again ... Slow earthquakes puzzle seismologists ... Small communities face water safety risk ... Earth scientists in space ... Microbes leave methane legacy ... Sounding out twisters ... Can science and technology solve environmental problems?

    David Applegate Last Impressions of the 104th Congress

    Conflict on the Not-So-Fragile Barrier Islands
    Stanley R. Riggs When real estate developers ignore the dynamics of coastal systems, natural processes ultimately prevail.

    Surf as Coastal Resource: The Wave of the Future
    Chad Nelsen & Peter Howd Coastal managers in California have recognized the quality of the surf as a resource to protect and restore.

    Losing Oahu: Erosion on the Hawaiian Coast
    Melanie Coyne, Robert Mullane, Charles Fletcher, & Bruce Richmond Attempts to prevent coastal erosion on Oahu are causing beaches to narrow or disappear.


    Geotimes Guide to Natural History Museums
    Robert Mac West A pullout guide highlights selected museums and noteworthy exhibits.

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