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January 1996 Table of Contents Volume 41 Number 1

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    Disasters are a Terrible Thing to Waste
    Donovan Kelly


    News Notes
    Janice O. Childress - Oil: A renewable resource? ... Were climate changes global during the Ice Ages? ... Jurassic bird challenges origin theories ... High-tech law ... New transmitters for hurricane hunters ... New era for European marine and polar science ... Storm-tossed scientists return to port ... GOES-9 heads west ... Teachers learn about wastewater quality ... Did you know ... Stunning seafloor map introduced

    Political Scene
    David Applegate - USGS Abolition Threat Gets Second Wind

    Geologic Hazards and Risks
    Jeffrey R. Keaton

    Landslides -- The Natural Hazard Sleeper
    Lynn M. Highland and William M. Brown III

    Wyoming's Approach to Hazard Awareness
    James C. Case

    See the related press release describing the January issue.

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