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January 1997 Table of Contents Volume 42 Number 1

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    It Takes A Mine
    Richard L. Lawson


    Janice O. Childress Revising the rain forest record ... Does Mars hold clues to life on Earth? ... The missing carbon link? ... 3-D seismic: shots heard round the world ... Iron seeding may slow global climate change ... Let your fingers do the learning ... AdVENTure at sea ... Magnetic fields on icy moons ... Yale climate study at odds with leading computer models

    David Applegate Progress on WIPP

    Anatomy of a Mine: The Discovery and Development of Grasberg
    by Mark Cloos The Grasberg mine, located in the remote Indonesian province of Irian Jaya (west New Guinea), taps a 1.7-billion-tonne copper-gold orebody. An engineering marvel in itself, Grasberg promises to remain a major source of copper through -- and perhaps beyond -- the next century.

    Update: The New USGS
    by Gordon Eaton The nation's largest earth and water science agency is now also one of its largest biological research organizations. This marriage between physical and biologicial science promises effective solutions to problems involving public health and safety, economic development and growth, and environmental protection and use.

    Dispelling the Myth of Sea-floor Tranquility
    by Gerald M. Friedman and John E. Sanders Scientists once believed the ocean depths to be a still, unchanging realm. But research dating from the discovery of submarine canyons in the 1930s helped geologists piece together a very different and dynamic picture of marine sedimentology and the deep sea.

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