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January 1998 Table of Contents Volume 43 Number 1

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    AGI Turns 50
    Samuel S. Adams


    Kristina Bartlett and Devra Wexler
    Laser dating shows mica's age ... A nitty-gritty horse tale ... Groundbreaking news ... Multidisciplinary research in the Great Lakes ... Prospecting on the moon ... "Rings" around the Pacific ... Heading off disaster ... New evidence for the Iapetus ... Efforts continue to double science funding

    The Great Global El Nino Ozone Warming Debate
    David Applegate


    The Art and Science of Reef Restoration
    by William F. Precht
    Ship groundings destroy huge sections of coral reefs every year. Understanding the geology and ecology of reef systems and applying a multidisciplinary approach to reef restoration projects are essential for the rehabilitation of these fragile marine systems.

    Communicating With Congress -- Part II. Contacting the Beast
    by Joseph A. Briskey
    Scientists can present their concerns to Congress in many ways -- from providing expert testimony at hearings to writing letters to their representatives. A former congressional aide, now with the U.S. Geological Survey, explains how to get through to the decision makers.

    Earth-Science Funding Trends at NSF -- A Rotator's Perspective
    by Christopher G. Maples
    A "rotating" program director at the National Science Foundation (NSF) debunks a few myths about the grant process in NSF's Earth Sciences Division and predicts funding trends for the future. NSF strives to fund the best proposals submitted in each competition, but not all programs in the Earth Sciences Division have the ability to fund at equivalent rates.

    See the related press release describing the January issue.
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    Cover Photo by W.F. Precht, Miami, Fla.
    "Brain coral Diploria strigosa in the rear zone, directly leeward of the reef crest, Carrie Bow Cay, Belize."

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