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July 1997 Table of Contents Volume 42 Number 7

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    The "Business" of Conservation
    John C. Sawhill


    Janice O. Childress A new tectonic plate? ... Subscriptions "geopardized" ... Remediation in review... Guppies challenge evolutionary theory ... Moving toward science literacy ... Setting a value on groundwater ... Just say "yes" to R&D

    Yucca Mountain: No Light at Tunnel's End?
    David Applegate

    Diamonds Through the Decades: A Review of South African Production
    by Mike G.C. Wilson The discovery of diamonds in South Africa in 1867 set off a mining boom that continues today. Although the nation no longer dominates world production, as it did from 1870 to 1930, it remains a significant source of high-quality, high-value stones. Offshore mining holds even more promise for the future.

    Focus in School Science: An International Comparison
    by Pamela Jakwerth, Len Bianchi, Curtis C. McKnight, and William H. Schmidt U.S. students lag behind many of their international counterparts in science and math achievement. A comparative study of student performance, curricula, textbooks, and teaching practices in some 50 countries suggests that a lack of focus may be a big part of the problem for science in U.S. schools.

    New Harmony: The Great Scientific Experiment
    by Donald C. Haney and David L. Rice A 19th-century utopian community on the Indiana frontier attracted some of the leading scientists of the time, including geologists William Maclure and David Dale Owen. The town would become a center for the young science and a base for many of the nation's first state and federally sponsored geologic surveys.

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