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July 1998 Table of Contents Volume 43 Number 7

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    The Year of the Ocean
    Ellen J. Prager


    Kristina Bartlett and Devra Wexler
    Where's the melt? ... Bridging the divide ... Calculating sediment flow ... Geo-detectives ... A new tool for paleomagnetism ... Polar research becomes a hot topic ... Life-absorbing minerals ... Computerized fossil hunt ...

    Anticipating the Issue Cycle: Oil Estimates and ANWR
    David Applegate


    The Challenge of Hibernia
    by Geoff Meeker
    After 30 years of exploration drilling, disappointment, delays, and finally development, the massive Hibernia Platform brought in "first oil" last November. In the first of a two-part series, Newfoundland writer Geoff Meeker describes the technical and geologic challenges of developing an oil field in the frigid marine environment of the Grand Banks.

    The Sculptor and the Geologist
    by William T. Laprade
    Both sculptors and geologists are fascinated by stone. An engineering geologist from Seattle explains how he and some of his colleagues use their knowledge of stone and its properties to create original works of art from marble, limestone, granite, and other stone types.

    Spending Our Inheritance -- Then What?
    by Walter Youngquist
    The world is now consuming about 26 billion barrels of oil annually, writes a noted petroleum geologist, but in new field discoveries, we are finding less than 6 billion barrels a year. What does this mean for the future? Youngquist provides sobering statistics about declines in oil production worldwide and examines alternative fuel sources that should be encouraged.

    See the related press release describing the July issue.

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    July Geotimes cover: The Hibernia Platform. Trinity Bay, Newfoundland. Photo Credit: Greg Locke.

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