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July 1996 Table of Contents Volume 41 Number 7

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    Wetlands on the Line
    William M. Lewis Jr. - Congressional "word games" threaten wetlands preservation.


    News Notes
    Janice O. Childress - Under the ice ... NRC report praises DOE's Reservoir Class Program ... Turbulent landscapes at the Exploratorium ... Patuxent River study takes multistressor approach ... Making methane in the Jurassic ... The nation salutes outstanding teachers ... Climatic meltdown ... Rising to the top ... New NRC reports target mineral resources programs and issues ... Impact craters in Chad ... Remembering the Great Earthquake of 1906

    Political Scene
    David Applegate - AGI Report Addresses USGS/NBS Merger

    Understanding Coastal Wetland Processes
    S. Jeffress Williams and Robert Stewart - Geologists and biologists work together to understand and prevent wetlands loss in Louisiana.

    Conserving Tropical Wetlands Through Sustainable Use
    Thomas L. Crisman, Lauren J. Chapman, and Colin A. Chapman - Saving tropical wetlands may depend on how wisely they're used.

    Mixing Soil and Water: The Geology of Wetlands
    J.L. Richardson - Groundwater and soil processes are key to studying wetlands.

    See the related press release describing the July issue.

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