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June 1996 Table of Contents Volume 41 Number 6

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    Soil Science: An Earth Science
    Randall B. Brown - Interdisciplinary studies that include soil science are needed to understand the landscape.


    News Notes
    Janice O. Childress - Crystals in space ... Shifting sands challenge seashore life ... Seismic risks in the heartland ... Bits of Mars and pieces of the moon ... A multiple-impact in Missouri? ... Computer program aids water managers ... Chasing elusive gas hydrates ... Mines lab resurfaces ... Smoggy stardust

    Political Scene
    David Applegate - Progress on the Geologic Mapping Act

    Soil Science: Interdisciplinary By Necessity
    Fred P. Miller - Soil science targets such interdisciplinary issues as food security, waste management, and ecosystem protection.

    Simulation Modeling: Predicting the Dynamics of a Soil's Unsaturated Zone
    R.J. Wagenet - Models trace movement of water and chemicals, but users must understand their limitations.

    Soil Landscape Modeling: Issues of Scale
    Kevin McSweeney and John M. Norman - New modeling approaches can help us make better use of the land and its resources.

    Paleosols: Record and Engine of Past Global Change
    Gregory J. Retallack - Soils both recorded and regulated fundamental changes in the carbon cycle.


    Geotimes Guide to Natural History Museums
    Robert Mac West - A pullout guide to selected museums and noteworthy exhibits.

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