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June 1997 Table of Contents Volume 42 Number 6

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    Ethics & Earth Science
    Stephen H. Stow


    Janice O. Childress Are ocean-depth anomalies real? ... Stanford's science core offers the "big picture" ... Atlantis joins the Woods Hole fleet ... National data repositories seek common "language" ... HoloGlobe shows it all ... Lawmakers get a lesson on floods and flood plains ... Bringing the bones home

    Scientific Databases Caught In Copyright Web
    David Applegate

    Gauging the Health of the World's Coral Reefs: Monitoring vs. Mapping
    by Robert N. Ginsburg From Southeast Asia to South Florida, coral reefs show signs of decline. Growing concern about the health of the world's reefs has mobilized the international scientific community. What can geology offer to the global effort to assess the state of these ecologically and economically valuable resources -- and preserve them for future generations?

    Is Ward Valley Safe? A Point/Counterpoint Discussion
    by Howard Wilshire and John B. Robertson The controversy over Ward Valley -- California's proposed disposal site for low-level radioactive wastes -- continues. In this "Point/Counterpoint" exchange, Howard Wilshire argues that serious technical questions about the site remain. John B. Robertson counters that further tests and monitoring while work proceeds could resolve these concerns; the real problem is social and political opposition.

    Paleoflood Hydrology in South Africa
    by Peter K. Zawada Estimating the likelihood of floods in semi-arid South Africa is no easy task; annual rainfall (and river flow) can vary considerably from year to year and flood records are short or nonexistent. But studying the physical evidence from past floods can help hydrologists predict the probability and potential severity of future flooding.

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