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June 1998 Table of Contents Volume 43 Number 6

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    The Digital Earth: Understanding Our Planet in the 21st Century
    Vice President Al Gore


    Kristina Bartlett and Devra Wexler
    GPS data shake up debate ... Anchors away from Antarctica ... Upwelling of venutian secrets ... Evolution in earth-science classrooms ... Microbes in mines ... Real risk ... Summer fun, summer science ... Blame it on El Nino ...

    NSF Says No to Institute for the Environment
    David Applegate


    Oceans of Earth and Beyond
    The JASON Project IX

    by Robert D. Ballard
    A revolutionary approach to learning is bringing the world of science directly into the homes and classrooms of students throughout the world. The JASON Project, founded by the scientist who discovered the lost Titanic, combines the latest advances in communications technology with exploration and hands-on experiments in a unique program that takes place at a different research site each year.

    Soil Tectonics --
    Interactions between Soils and Faults

    by Glenn Borchardt
    The science of soil tectonics combines the disciplines of paleoseismicity and pedology. A Berkeley soil scientist describes how soils serve as time-stratigraphic markers and can provide evidence of fault activity. Understanding soil-forming processes can help scientists determine seismic and ground-movement hazards in the future.

    by Anthony R. Wood
    Unprecedented development has occurred along the New Jersey Shore since the "storm of the century" in 1962. For many reasons, say coastal scientists, it now takes less of a storm to cause serious flooding. A reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer describes the efforts of Shore communities to replenish their beaches as sea levels continue to rise.

    See the related press release describing the June issue.

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    June Geotimes cover source: Monterey Peninsula Visitors and Convention Bureau. Photo Credit: Steve Proehl.
    California's Monterey Bay Aquarium, the primary research site for the Jason Project IX.

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