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March 1997 Table of Contents Volume 42 Number 3

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    Traditional Field Camp -- Still Important
    James G. Kirchner


    Janice O. Childress Diseased reefs alarm researchers ... Hands across sedimentary basins ... Controlling a river's destiny ... Oldest arthropods found in Canada ... El Nino: after 10 years, still a mystery ... Scientists to monitor test ban treaty ... Unleashing Kobe ... "Cyber-soil" models aid remediation ... Pumping carbon

    New Leadership in Washington
    David Applegate

    Whatever Happened to Earthquake Prediction?
    by Christopher Scholz Attempts to identify precursory phenomena and predict the locations of future earthquakes have met with little success. But we shouldn't allow past failures or undue skepticism to keep us from trying to understand the geologic events that precede quakes.

    Geology in the Popular Press: Paleontology's Greatest Hits
    by Dale A. Springer When newspapers and general interest magazines cover geology, dinosaurs and fossils often grab the headlines. Geologists can use this interest in paleontology to educate the public about geology -- and about the nature of science itself.

    The Earth Sciences and the Public Realm: Rethinking Geology's Role
    by Robert Frodeman The American people have developed a new relationship to Earth and a new definition of the public good. These changes create an opportunity for earth scientists to become public scientists and for the earth sciences to take their rightful place at the center of public concerns.

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