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May 1998 Table of Contents Volume 43 Number 5

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    Internships and the Geology Curriculum
    Robert G. Corbett


    Kristina Bartlett and Devra Wexler
    Window into a triple junction ... Poor performance ... A better look at the sun ... The methane has it ... Lichen or not ... Communicating environmental issues ... Congressional Visits Day ... Earth Science Week ...

    Why We Need Open Discourse and Data Access

    David Applegate


    New Roles for an Old Resource
    Ferromanganese Nodules Assist Mine Cleanup

    by Eleanora Iberall Robbins
    Eliminating manganese from acidic discharge water is a serious problem for many Appalachian coal companies. In an urban wetland only minutes away from Washington, D.C., a researcher from the U.S. Geological Survey has been studying manganese fixation in an environment that has a natural capacity to remove toxic substances and metals from through-flowing water.

    Geoscience and Law --
    Strange Bedfellows or Interdisciplinary Teambuilding?

    by John M. Stafford
    Lawyers practicing environmental law, natural resources law, or intellectual property (patent) law typically find themselves explaining geoscience concepts before a judge and jury or to government officials who lack even fundamental knowledge about science. An attorney with a Denver-based law firm describes new communication tools that are helping to bridge the technical-information gap.

    Implications of Carboniferous Cyclic Rhythmites
    by Allen W. Archer
    Cyclic rhythmites have interesting implications in the study of sequence stratigraphy, reports a sedimentary geologist at Kansas State University. Rhythmites containing seasonal cycles not only provide detailed information on ancient climatic variability but influence studies of the evolution of the earth-moon system.

    See the related press release describing the May issue.

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    May Geotimes cover source: Huntley Meadows. Photo Credit: Gary Roisum.
    Dogue Creek in Huntley Meadows wetland, Alexandria, Va.

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