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November 1997 Table of Contents Volume 42 Number 11

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    The Decline of Mentoring: Reweaving the Fabric
    Peter R. Rose


    Janice O. Childress Measuring rain from space ... A tale of two fishes.. ... The Smithsonian's newest gem ... Dating meteorites from Mars ... Do research costs drive up tuition? ... Safeguarding America's oceans ... Will Menlo Park close its doors? ... A low-stress situation ... Prehistoric landslide discovered

    Congressional Fellows: Scientists in a Strange Land
    David Applegate

    Special Section

    Ethics in the Geosciences: A Conference Summary

    Recommendations from a recent conference on ethics provide a basis for ongoing dialogue within the geoscience community.

    Inside Kazakstan: Cooperative Oil and Gas Research
    by Harry E. Cook, William G. Zempolich, Viacheslav G. Zhemchuzhnikov, and James J. Corboy
    An international team of geologists are studying the carbonate rocks of the Karatau Mountains in southern Kazakstan. Their work may provide the key for locating additional oil and gas reservoirs in the North Caspian Basin -- home of the super-giant Karachaganak and Tengiz fields.

    Russian Resource Update: A Geotimes Interview with Minister Viktor Orlov
    As the world's largest producer of raw materials, Russia will look to its natural wealth for economic growth. Viktor Orlov, who oversees resource policy and programs for the Russian Federation, describes how his nation plans to meet its mineral production goals -- and how international companies can help.

    On Dinosaur Ridge: Reaching and Teaching the Public
    by Norbert E. Cygan, Peter J. Modreski, Elizabeth P. Rall, and Robert G. Raynolds
    Dinosaur Ridge -- site of the first major dinosaur discoveries in the western United States -- now serves as an earth-science education center. Touring this National Natural Landmark is a "minds-on" learning experience for thousands of visitors each year.

    See the related press release describing the November issue.
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    Cover photo courtesy of Harry E. Cook, U.S. Geological Survey.

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