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October 1997 Table of Contents Volume 42 Number 10

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    Topographic Maps: What the Nation Needs
    Thomas M. Berg, Lee C. Gerhard, and Donald C. Haney


    Janice O. Childress Coring a tropical glacier ... Geologic Mapping Act passes ... Geology at the Jamboree ... Fossilized urine aids scientists ... Close encounters with Mathilde ... Combating ignorance about mining ... A ceratopsian resurfaces out West ... Do humans cause global climate change?

    Interns Find Washington Eye-opening
    Janice O. Childress and David Applegate

    Data Deluge: The Satellites Are Coming
    by William E. Stoney
    The next five years will witness an explosion in the number of earth-observation satellites orbiting the planet. Increased coverage, high-resolution data, and the availability of hyperspectral and radar imagery promise new ways to look at Earth and new tools to help us understand, map, and manage its surface.

    Fuzzy Logic and Geology
    by J.H. Fang
    Models based on fuzzy logic work with qualitative concepts rather than the precise numerical values of mathematical analysis. The assumptions made in mathematical modeling all too often distort the realities of earth processes. Fuzzy modeling, however, should prove well-suited for probing the complexities of geoscience.

    Learning Science Through Research: The Keck Geology Consortium Undergraduate Research Program
    by Cathryn A. Manduca
    Research introduces students to the real world of science. The Keck Geology Consortium gives undergraduate geology majors an opportunity to learn the process of scientific inquiry firsthand -- and make a substantive contribution to science itself.

    See the related press release describing the October issue.
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