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September 1997 Table of Contents Volume 42 Number 9

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    A Reasonable Return on Investment
    George D. Klein


    Janice O. Childress Surrogate astronauts ... Changing climate may hurt less developed countries, help developed ones ... Missing carbon may be "soilbound" ... What's good about America's teachers ... New subsidence measurements of Nile Delta ... Drilling for answers off the Jersey shore ... Charting new roles for mappers ... DOE opens North Slope research site

    NASA's Geology Lesson on Mars
    David Applegate

    Pushing the Boundaries of Turbulence
    by C.R. Smith
    Turbulence is a force to contend with in many different areas of earth science. We see its effects in sedimentary bedform ripples and complex weather patterns. Engineering studies can help us understand the intricacies of this complex natural phenomenon.

    Geology & the Grasberg: A Model for Joint Industry and Academic Research
    by Mark Cloos
    A research partnership involving the University of Texas at Austin and a major mining company shows what can be accomplished when industry and academia work together. Students, faculty, and professional geologists are expanding our knowledge of the highlands of Irian Jaya, Indonesia -- site of the giant Grasberg mine and one of the most geologically exciting, but least studied, places on Earth.

    High-Resolution Computed Tomography: A Breakthrough Technology for Earth Scientists
    by Timothy Rowe, John Kappelman, William D. Carlson, Richard A. Ketcham, and Cambria Denison
    A technology that had its origins as a tool for medical diagnosis can help earth scientists "see" the objects they study in new ways -- slice by slice. Metamorphic petrology, vertebrate paleontology, and physical anthropology are only a few of the many fields of inquiry that can benefit from the use of high-resolution computed tomography.

    See the related press release describing the September issue.
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