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About the Cover 
Image compiled using data from the European Space Agency's Earth Remote Sensing Satellites (ERS-1 and 2). It shows the recession of the Pine Island Glacier, a major ice stream of Antarctica considered vulnerable to climate change. Eric Rignot of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory released a similar image in work published in the July 24, 1998, Science. Courtesy of Eric Rignot. 
From the Editor 
by Victor van Beuren
Political Scene 
by David Applegate 
Geologic Disposal in Political Time

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News Notes
How dinosaurs walked the walk 
Martian past may include plate tectonics  
Geoscientists active on Capitol Hill   
Could the ocean store excess CO2?
1998 Geoscience Highlights 

Every year, Geotimes highlights the previous year's major research trends and discoveries in the major geoscience disciplines - from remote sensing to studies of Earth's core. Leading researchers in education, oceanography, paleontology, petroleum geochemistry, planetary geology, and many other disciplines write about their fields for the Geotimes Highlights Issue. The major topics are:

  • Education and Resources
  • Research: From the Core to the Crust
  • Life on Earth
  • Oceans, Ice, and Atmosphere
  • Beyond the Earth


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