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 Published by the American Geological Institute
November 2000
Newsmagazine of the Earth Sciences

From the Editor

Greetings Earth Scientist:

This issue of Geotimes is being sent free of charge to 100,000 earth scientists in North America. Why on Earth would we do that? Because we are laboring to make Geotimes useful to you and every other professional earth scientist, and you need to see our progress! Geotimes covers the topics that, despite the narrow focus of our individual careers, bond us together. We believe that in numbers we will find more scientific strength and community impact than the earth sciences have previously experienced.
The scope of this mailing is possible with cooperation from geoscience societies that are members of the American Geological Institute (AGI). They supplied the names of their members so that Geotimes could send this issue to as many members of the geoscience community as possible.
And to our regular subscribers, many thanks for your loyal support. We hope to swell your ranks.
The purpose of Geotimes is to provide news and information that support the careers of earth scientists, support the missions of AGIís member societies, and promote the earth sciences as a whole. We will do so by covering earth science news from our diverse subdisciplines: earth science in human affairs, such as hazard mitigation, climate change, evolution science, human health, resources and earth conservation; earth science careers, such as employment trends, formal and continuing education, student issues, certification and registration, ethics and social responsibility; news from AGIís member societies; research funding news; and public outreach and education, particularly K-12 earth science education and Earth Science Week activities.
Check the masthead for the names of your colleagues who have volunteered to serve as corresponding editors for Geotimes in their areas of expertise. These corresponding editors will help the staff to deliver diverse information to the geoscience community.
This special issue focuses on new technologies that extend the applications of the earth sciences in basic research, geological mapping, resource exploration and environmental management. Many of these technologies evolved from earth science. Now these technologies support earth science discoveries and applications previously beyond our reach. The ultimate justification of societyís support of earth science research is applying earth science, through technology, to societyís benefit.
Believe your compass (and other high and low technology),

Samuel S. Adams

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