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November 2001
vol. 46, no. 11


20 Medical Geology
Earth and its materials have affected human health for thousands of years. Recent events have put the spotlight on the evolving field of medical geology, and earth scientists are key players.
Robert B. Finkelman, et al.

24 African Dust in America
When drought hits the Sahara, the number of
asthma attacks increases on some Caribbean islands. Armed with remote sensing images that track global movement of dust storms, researchers are investigating links between dust and human health.
Joseph M. Prospero

28 Earth Materials and Public Health
Not all earth materials are friendly to humans. Here we look at the current status of some infamous culprits and some emerging problems.
Geotimes staff

34 Mapping Arsenic in Groundwater
The USGS last year released findings on arsenic in groundwater. When policy-makers begin to act on these data, scientists find that presentation can make all the difference.
Sarah Ryker


News and Views

5 COMMENT Planning for a Crowded Pacific Rim
An international summit jump starts efforts to protect growing populations from natural hazards.
David G. Howell

Applying geology at the World Trade Center site * Unraveling Earth's inner core * Reflections on Tagish Lake meteorite* Mantle in Motion * More evidence for end-Permian impact * Field Notes

17 POLITICAL SCENE Run for Office!
Geologists are perfect candidates for making changes at the local level.
David Applegate

19 GEOSCIENCE EDUCATION A Geology Program Revised
A survey of geoscience professors shows that dynamic, hands-on learning is the best method.
Paul R. Kelso et al.

Corals on high * Draining Mount Pinatubo * Typhoons in Taiwan

Getting it, keeping it.
Lisa A. Rossbacher


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