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AGI 50th Anniversary cover design
by Julie DeAtley

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by Victor van Beuren

Political Scene

by David Applegate
A Science Policy for the Next 50 years?

News Notes

by Kristina Bartlett and Devra Wexler

Rethinking past climate cycles
In the depths of the biosphere 
Moving beyond diversity
Celebrating earth science
Cleaning soils with electrodes


Looking Back at Earth
by James F. Reilly, William R. Muehlberger, Patricia W. Dickerson, Harrison H. Schmitt, and John W. Young 

A Revolution in Our Time
by William R. Dickinson 

Dynamics of Earth's Interior
by Thorne Lay and Quentin Williams

A New Foundation for Stratigraphy
by Gerald R. Baum with Peter R. Vail

Geochronology Comes of Age
by Samuel A. Bowring

Imaging Earth
by Sally G. Zinke


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