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The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
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The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant 

by Wendell D. Weart, Norbert T. Rempe, and Dennis W. Powers 

Forty years ago, when deep geologic isolation -- preferably in salt -- was first recommended as the safest way to store radioactive waste, geoscientists began searching for a suitable U.S. site for such a repository.  By the late 1970s, a sequence of salt beds in southeastern New Mexico had been selected. After two decades of drilling and geophysical exploration, the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) stands ready to receive its first shipment of defense-transuranic waste. 

Lifetime Decisions: The Sloan Career Cornerstone Series 

by A. Frank Mayadas 

For many students, "science at work" means observing their teachers and professors. But a rich diversity of career opportunities in industry -- far from the classroom and campus lab -- exist for students who are interested in science, math, and engineering.  This fall, the Sloan Career Cornerstone Series, guided and supported by the
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, introduces a series of videotapes and CD-ROMs, linked to Web sites, to introduce young people to career choices they never dreamed of. 

World Data Centers: Gateways to Geoscience Data 

by Frederick W. Stoss 

Operating under the auspices of the International Council of Scientific Unions, the World Data Centers have been the formal mechanism for the international exchange
of data about Earth, its environment, and the sun for four decades. Today, the centers provide comprehensive services to a worldwide community of scientists,
policy-makers, and other users. 

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