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The new outlet at Lac Ha!Ha! reservoir (Saguenay area, Quebec), looking upstream into the drained lake basin. Courtesy of the Geological Survey of Canada (Slide #1997-042 C).

From the Editor

by Victor van Beuren

Political Scene

by David Applegate

The Presidentís Budget Request
for the Geosciences

People & Places

News Notes

by Kristina Bartlett and Devra Wexler

Where on Earth did all this dirt come from?
 AGU tackles climate change
ACEing the sun
Siberian slab buried, not lost
Younger Dryas forces human choice
Whatís causing coral bleaching?
Oxygen in the solar nebula


Rebuilding Geoscience in Canada:
Life After Major Budget Reductions
When its funding was cut, the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) had to ask tough questions about its programs. The GSCís former chief scientist reports on their restructuring process and a new spirit of cooperation between the federal and provincial surveys, industry, and academia.
by James M. Franklin

The USGS Streamgaging Network: Born of Yesterday, Serving Today Ö Poised for Tomorrow?
For more than a century, the U.S. Geological Survey has operated a network of 4,000 streamgaging stations that provides vital data to both resource managers and homeowners. But funding constraints are forcing more and more stations to close. A new report lays out the case for investing in an improved infrastructure.
by Robert M. Hirsch

Geoscience and Geopolitics
Issues of resource exploration, management, and sustainability require global approaches to problem-solving. An international resource-management expert challenges geoscientists to play more active and cooperative roles in addressing such critical problems as nuclear-waste disposal, greenhouse-gas emissions, and water shortages.
by Peter J. Cook

Prediction: A Process, Not a Product
While science underpins the prediction process that guides many government decisions, neither good science nor good predictions can by themselves resolve complex problems related to natural hazards, resource management, and the environment. The key to better decision-making may be cost-effective, realistic alternatives to prediction.
by Daniel Sarewitz, Roger Pielke Jr., and Radford Byerly Jr.

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