Published by the American Geological Institute 
Newsmagazine of the Earth Sciences 
August 2000, vol. 45, no. 8
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14 Life Below and Life 'Out There'
Microorganisms thriving in extreme cave environments could offer clues about the strange life forms that might live on other planets.
Penelope Boston

18 The Making of Lunar Explorers
Looking back: How geologists trained astronauts to make the most of the Apollo missions.
Peter Margolin

22 On Exhibit: Restoring the Granary
An Indiana landmark of history and geology is restored and reopened.
John Steinmetz

Print News and Views - July 2000 5 Comment
The Downside of Cities
Solutions lie below the surface of cities.
Ed F.J. de Mulder

6 News Notes

  • Grand Canyon quandary
  • Mars may hide shades of blue
  • Briny beginning
  • Evasive nuclear testing a misstated threat
  • Loophole in the carbon cycle

  • Field Notes
12 Political Scene
Sustaining the Conversation
A day in the life of a Congressional Science Fellow.
Eileen McLellan

50 Geophenomena
Searching for magmatic tritium in the Galápagos.

53 Resources Page
Two energy policies emerge in light of higher gas prices.

56 Geomedia Books, Maps, Software and Web Sites
A review of Furious Earth Plus! A new, longer software column.

68 Geologic Column
The Face on Mars won't go away.
Lisa A. Rossbacher


A scientist on Capitol Hill
page 12

Cover Image cover.html A caver hangs over the Tinsel Town Maze, an area in Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico, near the Chandelier Ballroom, a room about 1,000 feet below the surface characterized by hanging gypsum formations.  Photo by Val Hildreth-Werker. print_departments.html   2 From the Editor
  4 Letters: Perspectives from readers
24 Where on Earth?
28 Benchmarks: Looking back in Geotimes
30 Society Page: News from geoscience societies
36 GeoMarketplace
38 Calendar
39 Classified Ads: Career opportunities
43 AGI Announces
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