Where on Earth?
Do you have slides and photos you've collected from field work or vacations?
Every month, we'd like to feature one of your photos from anywhere in the world and invite other readers to guess where it was taken. Look every month in the print Geotimes for a new photo. Following are clues, answers and winners from past issues.

Send answers for the August 2002 Where on Earth? contest, which appears the print magazine, to Geotimes by August 26 (or postmarked by this date). From those answers, Geotimes staff will draw the names of 10 people who will win Where on Earth? T-shirts. And from those 10 names, we will draw the names of two people who will win a Brunton compass. 

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Answers to the June and July photo contests:

Archive of old answers


1. The fissure pictured here is one of many located within a prominent rift system that extends for nearly 15,000 kilometers.

2. Located a few kilometers northeast of the area shown in the picture is one of the country's most active volcanoes and a few kilometers southwest is a prominent lake named for the midges that swarm to it.

3. Between 1725 and 1729, the volcano and its associated fissure system created a large lava flow that eventually reached the north shore of the lake near the present day location of a major geothermal plant. The most recent eruptions associated with this volcano occurred between 1978 and 1984.

Name the geologic structure and country, as well as the nearby lake or volcano.

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Answer: The Mid-Atlantic Ridge as it stretches through Iceland near Lake Myvatn and Mount Krafla. Photo by Henry Berryhill of Corpus Christi, Texas.

July winners:

1. E. H. Chown (Kingston, ON)
2. James Conder (Olivette, MO)
3. Jutta Siefert Dudley (Pittsford, NY)
4. Paula L. Hartzell (Worcester, MA)
5. Joyce Hershey (Chevy Chase, MD)
6. Elizabeth Kasehagen (Santa Barbara, CA)
7. Michael Poland (Vancouver, WA)
8. Donald P. Schwert (Fargo, ND)
9. Carolyn Tewksbury (Deansboro, NY)
10. David Vanko (Towson, MD)


1. Although the argillaceous sedimentary rocks pictured here are more than a billion years old, this mountain's distinctive appearance is the work of a giant thrust sheet from 75 million years ago and of the carvings of ice sheets in the past half-million years.

2. The peak is located in the world's first international peace park, so designated in 1932.

3. The trail visible in the photo crosses the highest pass in the park in the course of its 18-kilometer journey through montane, sub-alpine and alpine zones.


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Answer: Waterton Lakes National Park. Pictured is the Carthew-Alderson Trail. Photo by Caitlin Callahan.

June winners:

1. Alejandro J. Benavides, Elko, Nev.
2. Jim Ferguson, Nashville, Ind.
3. Jeremy Malczyk, Ayer, Mass.
4. Carol Ormand, De Pere, Wisc.
5. Mike Ranck, Socorro, N.M.
6. Jeff Sanders, Alcalde, N.M.
7. Donald P. Schwert, Fargo, N.D.
8. Erin Taylor, Ayer, Mass.
9. Mari Vice, Platteville, Wisc.
10. Linda D. Winslow, Auburndale, Mass.

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