Where on Earth?
Do you have slides and photos you've collected from field work or vacations?
Every month, we'd like to feature one of your photos from anywhere in the world and invite other readers to guess where it was taken. Look every month in the print Geotimes for a new photo. Following are clues, answers and winners from past issues.

Send answers for the December 2001 Where on Earth? contest, which appears the print magainze, to Geotimes by Monday, Dec. 21 (or postmarked by this date). From those answers, Geotimes staff will draw the names of 10 people who will win Where on Earth? T-shirts. And from those 10 names, we will draw the names of two people who will win a Brunton compass. 

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Answers to the October and November photo contests:
Archive of old answers


1. These awesome peaks, which top off at just under 3,400 meters, are the eroded remains of an Early Cretaceous granite (quartz monzonite) batholith that intruded Middle Proterozoic slate, phyllit and schist.

2. Despite the name of the park where these peaks are located, there is nothing imaginary about the fear even world-class climbers have felt in their ascents here.

3. The gateway city to this locality hosted the Winter Olympics a few years ago.

Name the formation and its location. 

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Howser Spires, Bugaboo Provincial Park, Purcell Mountains, British Columbia, Canada

November winners:

1. Bill Albright (Reno, NV)
2. Paul Friberg (New Paltz, NY)
3. Dean Hancock (Denver, CO)
4. Rick Moscati
5. Sandra Stapp (Oceanside, CA)
6. Chris Breemer (Portland, OR)
7. Tom Hilbert (Rockford, IL)
8. Darla Heil (Bishop, CA)
9. Anthony Qamar (Seattle, WA)
10. Robert McBride (Lititz, PA)

Runners Up
Chuck Cofer (Houston, TX)
Ronald Crawford (Port Angeles, WA)
John I. Garver (Schenectady, NY)
Doug Geller (Portland, OR)
David Rees Gillette (Golden, CO)
Tom Kalakay (Bozeman, MT)
Mauri S. Pelto (Dudley, MA)
Robert Stolzenbach (Lakeside, MT)
David E. Thompson (Clinton, MS)
Dave Van Dillen


1. The local Spanish name given to this vertical tuff cone, which abruptly rises almost 500 feet from the ocean, means "lion at rest." Explorer james Colnett gave the spot its more widely used English name.

2. The rock is located on an island that is composed of two coalesced volcanoes. On the southwestern side lies a symmetrical shield volcano buried by a weather-beaten pyroclastic cover. The second volcano sits on the northeastern side, and its lava flows are only a few centuries old. 

3. The island chain in which this structure is found is best known for its biological significance. TheUnited Nations declared the chain a Natural Patrimony of Humanity in 1979 and a Reserve of the Biosphere in 1985.

Name the island. 

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Kicker Rock or Leon Dormido is the tuff cone. The island is San Cristobal in the Galapagos.

October winners:

1. Theresa Schlosser (East Meadow, NY)
2. Dennis Geist (Moscow, ID)
3. Fred A. Guthrie (Crossville, TN)
4. Jack Berkley (Fredonia, NY)
5. Rene De Hon (Monroe, LA)
6. Daniel Laó Dávila (Miami, FL)
7. George Daily (Dallas, TX)
8. Eagle C. Tovar, Jr. (Enumclaw, WA)
9. J. Brad Stephenson (Oak Ridge, TN)
10. Vicen Carrió (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Runners Up
Anne Argast (Fort Wayne, IN)
Wally R. Hansen (Lakewood, CO)
Ken Long (New Wilmington, PA)
Jamie Martin-McNaughton (Providence, RI)
Alexander McBirney (Eugene, OR)
Rob McDowell (Atlanta, GA)
Brian Moniz (N. Hollywood, CA)
Bill Romey (East Orleans, MA)
Bart A. Weis (Denver, CO)


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