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The JOIDES Resolution leaves port. 
Courtesy of  the Ocean Drilling Program 

From the Editor

by Victor van Beuren 

Political Scene

by David Applegate 

Are the Geosciences Keeping Up? 


People & Places


News Notes

by Kristina Bartlett and Devra Wexler 

 Surprises from Cape Roberts 
 Debating New Madrid 
 A role for carbon sinks 
 Managing park resources 
 Glassy-eyed over escoria 


The Day the Sea Stood Still 
 A massive volcanic eruption in the Caribbean at the end of the Paleocene may have triggered the greatest mass extinction in Earth’s 
history. Was it caused by global warming? When the volcano blew, global average air temperature was several degrees warmer than now, chiefly because the poles were far warmer. Analyzing oxygen isotopes in fossil foraminifera skeletons, an international team of scientists is seeking answers. First of a two-part series. 
by Tom Yulsman 

Communicating with Congress — Part IV. 
 Who’s Who on the Hill 
Don’t like the news that a new superhighway might cut across your 
suburb?  Concerned about a possibly contaminated sewer system? Want to express your support for increased science-education funding in your schools? You need to contact your congressional representative. But first, you need to find out who to call. Here’s a brief directory of key staff members on Capitol Hill and some pointers on how to approach them. 
by Joseph A. Briskey 



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