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July 2000, vol. 45, no. 7
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Annual Highlights Issue
1999 Discoveries and Research Trends
Earthquakes, Ruth A. Harris -- Volcanoes, John Stix  -- Geothermal Energy, Phillip Wright -- Structure and Tectonics, Christian Teyssier -- Metamorphism, Tracy Rushmer -- Sediments, Neil A. Wells -- Minerals, Simon Redfern -- Hydrogeology, Thomas E. Reilly, Keith R. Prince and James W. LaBaugh --  Caves and Karst, John E. Mylroie -- Geomorphology, David Butler --  Board on Earth Science and Resources, Anthony de Souza -- Geologic Mapping, Peter Lyttle, John Pallister and James R. Robertson -- Geoscience Information, Charlotte M. Derksen  -- Geochemistry, Alan Jay Kaufman -- Petroleum Geochemistry, Kenneth E. Peters and Gary H. Isaksen --  Exploration Geophysics, Robert H. Tatham 
Vertebrates, Maureen A. O'Leary -- Geomicrobiology, Henry L. Ehrlich --  Invertebrates, Marcus M. Key Jr. -- Paleobotany, Kathleen B. Pigg -- Palynology, Merrell A. Miller and Gordon D. Wood --  Soils, Donald L. Sparks --  Geoarchaeology, Lisa Wells
Ocean Drilling, Thomas A. Davies -- Paleoceanography, Larry C. Peterson and Lisa C. Sloan -- Marine Geology, Donn S. Gorsline
Meteorites, Derek W. Sears -- Planetary Geology, James W. Head III

Print News and Views - July 2000 5 Comment
The Triple Bottom Line
How a mining company can practice sustainable development.
Patrick M. James
6 News Notes
  • Tsunami news floods East Coast
  • Spouting off about Io
  • Weighing the cost of poison
  • Beach Party, 125,000 B.C.
  • Field Notes
12 Political Scene
Creationists Open a New Front
Advocates of intelligent design theory bring their message to Congress.
David Applegate

50 Geophenomena
A magnitude-7.5 earthquake hits Indonesia while the Kavachi seamount builds an island in the Pacific Ocean.

53 Resources Page
Researchers consider treating nuclear waste with accelerator transmutation processing.

56 Geomedia  Books, Maps, Software and Web Sites
Reviews of Tower of Babel: The Evidence Against the New Creationism and Reading the Earth: Landforms in the Making

68 Geologic Column
An outline can make the writing process easier - and your readers will appreciate it.
Hugh Hay-Roe

Cover Image cover.html Top left: Geotimes file photo. Top right, a fleshed-out model of the skull of the Tyrannosaurus rex Sue, on display at the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History. Bottom left: Geotimes file photo. Bottom right: Mars, as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope (NASA).
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