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Newsmagazine of the Earth Sciences 
July 2001, vol. 46, no. 7
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Annual Highlights Issue
A review of year 2000 research in earth science.

Earthquakes and Seismology by Susan E. Hough -- Volcanoes by Tobias Fischer -- Geothermal Energy by Marnell Dickson -- Structure and Tectonics by Mary Hubbard -- Metamorphism by Michael Brown -- Clastic Sediments by Neil A. Wells -- Carbonate Sediments by Michael C. Pope and Katherine A. Giles  -- Clay Minerals by David Pevear -- Mineralogy by Peter C. Burns -- Hydrogeology by William Cunningham  -- Hydrology by Vijay Gupta -- Caves and Karst by Arthur N. Palmer -- Geomorphology by Robert Ridky -- Geologic Mapping by Jonathan G. Price -- Geochemistry by Neil C. Sturchio -- EconomicGeology by Noel C. White

Vertebrates by Maureen A. O'Leary -- Invertebrates by Warren D. Allmon -- Geomicrobiology by William C. Ghiorse -- Paleobotany by Kathleen B. Pigg and Melanie L. DeVore -- Palynology by Fredrick J. Rich, Gordon D. Wood and Merrell A. Miller -- Soils by John W. Doran and C. William Zanner  -- Geoarchaeology by Paul Goldberg

Ocean Drilling by Thomas A. Davies -- PaleoceanographyandPaleoclimatology: two reviews, one by Larry C. Peterson and Lisa C. Sloan and another by Joseph Ortiz -- Glaciology by Terence J.  Hughes

Planetary Geology by James W. Head III

Print News and Views - July 2000 5Comment
Natural Science for the Nation?
The U.S. Geological Survey could face big cuts in fiscal year 2002. But a possible redirection of the survey's priorities could be an even larger problem.
Emery T. Cleaves
6News Notes
  • The Moon's last gasps
  • The oldest ophiolite 
  • Forests fail as carbon sink 
  • Shaking salt repositories 
  • Sinking a titanic city 
  • Field Notes

13Political Scene
Energy and Responsibility: The Buck Stops Here
Our individual choices should be part of any national energy policy.
Katy Makeig

Three Sisters uplift in Oregon  --  Warplanes attack ice  --  Fires in Florida

68Geologic Column
How Do You Use Your GPS?
eXploring for eTreasure.
Lisa A. Rossbacher

The July 2001 Geotimes features a color-enhanced image of mesas, buttes and layered terrain on Mars in the southwestern Candor Chasma near 6.4 degrees south and 77.1 degrees west. The width of the image is about 1.5 kilometers. Credit: Mars Orbiter Camera, Malin Space Science Systems/NASA
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