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June 2000
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features.html The Coastal Zone: A Resource at Risk
by John W. Haines and S. Jeffress Williams

This feature is one of four stories on science at the U.S. Geological Survey that appeared in the June issue.

Population, infrastructure and investment continue to concentrate along U.S. coasts. The survey is using geology and biology to understand the changes Earth processes and humans create in this zone where land and ocean meet.

newsandviews.html News Notes
  • Web extra: Clouds in cahoots with ozone thieves - Corrupting coral - New sights on solar storms
  • Government ends GPS scrambling
  • Accordion folds on Europa
  • A dinosaur's tell-tale heart
  • Taiwan quake is data boon
  • Bases loaded
  • Hailstones fall from clear Spanish skies
  • Field Notes
Political Scene
Go Tell It on the Hill: Geoscientists are bringing their messages to lawmakers.


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An oblique view of the continental shelf and slope near Long Beach, Calif. showing shaded relief of shelf and slope bathymetry and land topography. Looking northeast with illumination from the northwest. Bathymetry was produced from USGS high-resolution multibeam mapping and shows 16-meter spatial resolution. Topography is from a 10-meter resolution USGS digital elevation model. Created by James V. Gardner and Peter Dartnell of the U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, Calif.
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