Where on Earth?
Do you have slides and photos you've collected from field work or vacations?
Every month, we'd like to feature one of your photos from anywhere in the world and invite other readers to guess where it was taken. Look every month in the print Geotimes for a new photo. Following are clues, answers and winners from past issues.

Send answers for the October 2001 Where on Earth? contest, which appears the print magainze, to Geotimes by Friday, Oct. 19 (or postmarked by this date). From those answers, Geotimes staff will draw the names of 10 people who will win Where on Earth? T-shirts. And from those 10 names, we will draw the names of two people who will win a Brunton compass. 

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Answers to the August and September photo contests:
Archive of old answers


1. Ski slopes sweep down on either side of this spot, but bring your passport. A national border runs across the top of this ridge.

2. Behind the photographer towers a famous peak whose top is an example of an isolated rock unit that is an erosional remnant of a nappe.

3. One of this mountain's glaciers feeds the headwaters of a river that flows through the region made popular by author Peter Mayle.

Name the peak referred to in clue #2, or one of the two towns that sit on either side of this vantage point.

Scroll down for the answer  ...

The Matterhorn is the peak. The two towns are Zermatt, Switzerland, and Il Cervino, Italy.
Photo by Shane Naughton of New York City.

September winners:

1. George Pafumi (Schenectady, NY)
2. Leslie Anne Morgan (Fairfield, CA)
3. Joe Donoghue (Tallahassee, FL)
4. Francis Hansen (Satellite Beach, FL)
5. Elizabeth Owosina (Myers, FL)
6. Stan Frazier (Murfreesboro, TN)
7. Alan R. Haight (Sunriver, OR)
8. J.T. (Han) van Gorsel (Houston, TX)
9. Charles Burnham (Durango, CO)
10. J. Marc Coolen (Hager Hill, KY)

September runners-up

William L. Smith (McLean, VA)
Paul A. Tanner (Manchester, CT)
Celia M. Adams (Pasadena, MD)
G. Steven Ferris (Lincoln, NE)
Jane Selverstone (Albuquerque, NM)
Mauri Pelto (Dudley, MA)
Fred A. Guthrie (Crossville, TN)
Bruce R. Johnson (Reston, VA)
Jesse G. White (Moscow, ID)
John Friess (Lubbock, TX)
Kyle Gay (Apple Valley, CA)
David Schmidt (Dayton, OH)
Mike Knoepfle (Schaumburg, IL)
Mack Duncan (Thomson, GA)
Sandra Stapp (Oceanside, CA)


1. This spectacular fault scarp is partially covered by a tufa layer deposited when the site was covered by a glacial lake.

2. The legendary geologist who first described this fault concluded that its geometry was representative of an entire class of structures. 

3. The city in the distance is an important religious center.

Scroll down for the answer  ...

Warm Springs fault scarp north of Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Photo and clues supplied by David Applegate, Geotimes editor.

August winners:

Ryan D. Christensen (DeKalb, IL)
Bill Dixon (Naperville, IL)
Rob McDowell (Atlanta, GA)
Geoff Rawling (Socorro, NM)
Morgan Button (Cincinnati, OH)
Mack Duncan (Wrens, GA)
Jim Humphrey (Midland, TX)
Bill Thomas (Plano, TX)
Charles W. Sprague (Dallas, TX)
Anson Mark (Lakewood, CO)

August Runners-Up

Keith T. Anderson (Converse, TX)
James Baer (Provo, UT)
Doug Bedingfield
Roger L. Burtner (Fullerton, CA)
Doug Curl (Lexington, KY)
Kelly Dilliard (Evansville, IN)
Steven I. Dutch (Green Bay, WI)
Michelle Fleck (Price, UT)
Richard B. Furner (Dallas, TX)
Julia Grim (California)
Larry Guth (Fitchburg, MA)
Fred Guthrie (Crossville, TN)
Craig Hall (Katy, TX)
Tom Hawisher (Savoy, IL)
Brad Hill (Centerville, UT)
James Hinthorne (Ellensburg, WA)
Lillian Kearney (Houston, TX)
Ralph Langenheim, Jr. (Urbana, IL)
Jack Long (Fort Collins, CO)
Bill Lund (Cedar City, UT)
Terry Naumann (Anchorage, AK)
Dru R. Nielson (Walnut Creek, CA)
Ertan Peksen (Salt Lake City, UT)
Sid Perkins (on behalf of the 2nd flr. Science writers at Science News, Washington, D.C.)
Brian Peterson (Petoskey, MI)
M. Dane Picard (Salt Lake City, UT)
Anna Robbins
David Schmidt (Oakwood, OH)
Richard P. Smith (Idaho Falls, ID)
Derek Steadman (Thatcher, ID)
J. Brad Stephenson (Oak Ridge, TN)
Mike Stevenson (Price, UT)
John P. Stimac (Charleston, IL)
Rich Ugland
David E. Wilkins (Boise, ID)
Michael Winter (Woodland Hills, CA)
Cecile Zachary (Manhattan, KS)
Pamela B. Zohar (Elko, NV)

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