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Coming in the November issue:

Part II. interview with USGS Director Charles Groat

Watching New Madrid

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October 1999 issue:

About the Cover
View of Coronado Butte near East Rim Drive along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The butte's summit is the Kaibab Formation. The middle, less red section is the Coconino Sandstone. The lower, red portion is the Supai Formation. Photo taken a few miles west of Moran Point by Lon Ayers, National Park Service.
From the Editor
by Victor van Beuren
Political Scene
by David Applegate
The Political Lessons of Kansas

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News Notes

Treasures in a pristine cave
Deciphering life
Looking for kimberlite in Wyoming
Tsunami earthquakes find common ground
Another earthquake in Turkey?
Responding to the mid-Atlantic drought
SEG offers student grants


A New Vision for the USGS
U.S. Geological Survey Director Charles Groat recently announced changes to the structure of the 120-year-old science organization. In this first part of an interview with the American Geological Institute's David Applegate and Kristina Bartlett, Groat discusses some of these changes and the overall vision behind them.
David Applegate and Kristina Bartlett

Kansas Rejects Evolution: A Response from the Geoscience Community
The Kansas State Board of Education voted Aug. 11 to eliminate evolution from the state's science curriculum and assessment tests. Scientists and educators ask, What now? Members of the geoscience community respond to the Kansas decision, discuss "creation science" and call on scientists to join in defending the teaching of evolution.
Guest authors include: Rev. James W. Skehan, S.J., director emeritus, Weston Observatory, Boston College; John W. Geissman, professor, University of New Mexico; Fred Spilhaus Jr., executive director, American Geophysical Union; Linda Selvig, president, National Association of Earth Science Teachers; Eugenie C. Scott, executive director, National Center for Science Education Inc.; and M. Lee Allison, state geologist of Kansas.

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