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September 2000

Where on Earth?

Do you have slides and photos you've collected from field work or vacations? Every month, we'd like to feature one of your photos from anywhere in the world and invite other readers to guess where it was taken. Look every month in the print Geotimes for a new photo. Following are clues, answers and winners from past issues.

Submit photos for Where on Earth?

The first three readers to identify the location pictured in the current print version of Geotimes receive a Brunton 8099 EclipseTM compass and the first 10 will  receive a Where on Earth? T-shirt. Please note that all contestants are eligible to win one compass per year.

Answers to the August and July photo contests:
Archive of old answers

August clues & answer:

1.  This cave formed in Mississippian limestones that were themselves formed in an inland sea 300 million years ago. Its pit, the site of large waterfalls during wet weather, drops 142 feet from the surface and is a popular spot for rappelling.

2.  Cherokee used nearby caves as a refuge from the elements. The caves show signs of intermittent human habitation for almost 10,000 years.

3.  The cave is located in the northeast corner of a state that is home to the nation's premier society for the study, exploration and conservation of caves.

Scroll down for the answer  ...

Stevens Gap Cave in the northeastern corner of Alabama, in Jackson County.

August winners:

Bill Torode --
Jim Hall -- Madison, Alabama
George Dasher -- Elkview, West Virginia
David Williamson -- Shreveport, Louisiana
Billy Morris -- Rome, Georgia
James Currens -- Lexington, Kentucky
Bill Balfour -- Blacksburg, Virginia
Ray Yang --
Rob McDowell -- Atlanta, Georgia
Geary Schindel -- San Antonio, Texas

July clues & answer:

1.  These Pliocene-age formations were deposited along a fracture zone where calcium-enriched groundwater springs discharges in a series of lakes.

2.  The name of this location includes an industrial mineral as does the name of a neighboring town.

3.  Portions of Star Trek V were filmed here, and these deposits also appeared in artwork accompanying Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here album.

Scroll down for the answer  ...

The answer is the Trona Pinnacles of the Pinnacles National Monument near Trona, Calif. Photo taken by John Karachewski.

July winners:
Due to the large number of responses we received this month we accepted only the most accurate responses despite the many close answers.

William Smith -- McLean, Va.
Lawrence Guth -- Fitchburg, Mass.
Jo Schaper -- Pacific, Mo.
Barry Knapp -- Lafayette, Colo.
John Whitaker -- Mo.
Elizabeth Kasehagen -- Santa Barbara, Calif.
Gloria Koroghlanian -- Phoenix, Ariz.
Joel Pederson -- Logan, Utah
Cheryl Martinez -- Tooele, Utah
Jeffrey Wilson -- Santa Monica, Calif.