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Highlights: Discoveries in the Earth Sciences

The pages you are about to surf and read do not contain all that can be said. Every year as we compile the Highlights issue, we aim to collect summaries about as many of the earth science disciplines as possible. We ask several volunteers to take breaks from their science, look at the big picture, and offer Geotimes readers overviews of the big news and trends in their respective fields. It is a formidable task for writers and editors alike, and the most difficult part is deciding what to leave out. Such is the richness of the earth sciences.

Fortunately, the Web offers more flexibility, allowing us to tell even more. These versions of the stories are longer and slightly modified from those in print. We hope you enjoy these diverse earth science snapshots.

Solid Earth


Life Through Time

Oceans, Ice and Climate

Beyond Earth

Solid Earth

Earthquakes by Susan E. Hough

Volcanoes by Tobias Fischer

Geomorphology by Jeffrey D. Niemann

Structural Geology by Mary Hubbord

Metamorphism by Michael Brown

Igneous Petrology by Allen Glazner

Carbonates by Evan K. Franseen and Katherine A. Giles

Mineralogy by Richard J. Harrison

Limnogeology by Elizabeth H. Gierlowski-Kordesch

Geochemistry by Adam J.R. Kent

Soil Science by Michael J. Singer

Clays by Ray L. Frost

Geoengineering by Allen W. Hatheway

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Mapping by Kevin M. Schmidt

Geothermal Energy by John Sass and Wendell Dufield

Hydrogeology by William L. Cunningham and E. Scott Bair

Economic Geology by Neil Phillips

Petroleum Geology by William Almon

Exploration Geophysics by Michael S. Bahorich

Coal Science by Leslie Ruppert

Hydrology by Venkat Lakshmi

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Life Through Time

Vertebrates by Donald Prothero

Invertebrates by Warren D. Allmon

Geoarcheaology by Vance T. Holiday

Geomicrobiology by Jan P. Amend

Palynology by Fredrick J. Rich and Gordon D. Wood

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Oceans and Ice

Paleoclimatology/Paleoceongraphy by Thomas M. Marchitto Jr.

Ocean Drilling Program by Thomas A. Davies

Glaciology by Terence J. Hughes

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Beyond Earth

Meteorites by Kevin Righter

Planetary Geology by Martha S. Gilmore

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