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Highlights: Discoveries in the Earth Sciences

This year’s Highlights issue includes nearly 40 stories covering a variety of disciplines in the earth sciences — all aimed at giving you a snapshot of some big news and trends in the field. Some disciplines are new to the issue, some overlap with one another, and some continue from where they left off last year. An interesting thread that runs through many of the stories is the enormous impact the Mars exploration missions are having on the earth science landscape. The past year has been an exciting one for the geosciences, and we hope that these brief snapshots will bring home that excitement and help you make some connections across the various fields and into current events.

As with last year's Highlights online, the Web versions present longer and slightly modified versions of those that appeared in print.

Solid Earth


Life Through Time

Water and Climate

Beyond Earth

Solid Earth

Earthquakes by Rachel E. Abercrombie

Volcanoes by Michael Ramsey

Structural Geology by Mary Hubbard

Sedimentary Basins by Brian Horton

Geomorphology by Noah P. Snyder

Caves and Karst by Louise D. Hose

Geodesy by Jeff Freymueller

Geochemistry by Adam Kent

Mineralogy I by Robert M. Hazen

Mineralogy II by Udo Becker

Geoengineering by David B. Simon and Allen W. Hatheway

Clay Minerals by Theo Kloprogge

Carbonates by The University of Kansas Carbonate Research Group

Soil Science by Naomi Lubick, Geotimes Staff Writer

Hydropedology by Hangsheng Lin

Metamorphism by Donna L. Whitney

Igneous Petrology by Lang Farmer

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Economic Geology by Neil Phillips

Petroleum Geology by Jim Handschy

Geothermal Energy by John Sass and Wendell Dufield

Mapping by Harvey Thorleifson

Hydrogeology by Stephen M. Testa

Coal Science by Leslie Ruppert

Exploration Geophysics by Craig Beasley

Organic Petrology by Prasanta K. Mukhopadhyay

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Life Through Time

Vertebrate Paleontology by Donald Prothero

Invertebrates by Warren Allmon

Geoarcheaology by David L. Cremeens

Geomicrobiology and Genomes by Jan Amend

Palynology by Fredrick J. Rich and Gordon D. Wood

Paleobotany by Brian Axsmith

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Water and Climate

Paleoceonography & Paleoclimatology by Athanasios Koutavas

Ocean Drilling by Thomas A. Davies

Limnogeology by Elizabeth H. Gierlowski-Kordesch

Glaciology by Ted Scambos

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Beyond Earth

Meteorites by Tim McCoy

Planetary Geology by Geoffrey Collins

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