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On Exhibit Archive

On Exhibit explores geology museums and exhibits.

Click on a location dot on the map to read a review of a nearby museum or special exhibit, or scroll down
to choose an On Exhibit by date.

Richland, WA (October 2000) Denver, CO (November 2001) Iowa City, IA (August 2001) Evansville, IN (August 2000) Proctor, VT (August 2002) Sparta & Franklin, NJ (June 2000) Carnegie Inst., Washington, DC (March 2002) Smithsonian Inst., Washington, DC (July 2001) Greenwich, CT (August 2003) New York City, NY (November 2000)

August, 4, 2003, Web Extra: Gems at the Bruce Museum


August 2002: Marble Medley
March 2002: 100 Years of Science History

November 2001: Taking Time for Timely Exhibits in Denver
August 2001: Flood Exposes a Fossil Treasure
July 2001: A new Triceratops at the Smithsonian

Prior to 2001
November 2000: The Hall of Planet Earth: American Museum of Natural History
October 2000: A River Runs By It
August 2000: Restoring the Granary: A Geologic Landmark Gets a Facelift
June 2000: Seeing Rocks in a Different Light


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