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Travels in Geology 

Welcome to Travels in Geology, a special online section of Geotimes! Each month, we will review geologically significant places to visit — museums, fossil dig sites, caves, mountain ranges and more.

We're always open to suggestions of places to review.
Please send your ideas to

Online travel reviews 
Geologic travels in print 
On Exhibit 


August: Exploring Florida's Keys
July: Taiwan: Poetry in motion
June: Santa Catalina: The Channel Islands' magical island
Io: A different kind of hell
April: Climbing Ecuador's volcanoes

March: Finding fossils in John Day
February: Exploring Abruzzo by Cinquecento
January: Geo-temptations on the Emerald Isle


December: The caves hidden beneath Valkenburg
November: Copahue: Volcanoes and spas in Patagonia
October: Pine Creek Gorge: The other Grand Canyon
September: Madeira: More than just wine
August: Driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway
July: A Secret Garden: New Mexico's Valles Caldera
June: Panama: Beyond the canal
May: Drangey Island: Iceland's bird fortress
April: Exploring karst in Guilin, China

March: Joshua Tree National Park: A geologic oasis
February: Prince Edward Island: Land cradled on the waves
January: Jerome: A ghost town that never gave up the ghost


December: Dominica: The Caribbean "Nature Island"
November: Vieques: Night swimming under a moonless sky
October: Staffa: A medley
September: Summer roadtrip (Part 3): A fossil aquarium in Wyoming
August: Summer roadtrip (Part 2): Ferrying through the Inside Passage
July: Summer roadtrip (Part 1): Driving to "West Dakota"
June: Coastal Maryland: On the lookout for ghosts, fish and fossils
May: Auvergne: hidden hotspot
April: 100 years after San Francisco quake
March: Cancún and beyond
February: Below Boston's hills
January: Belize: The ins and outs


November: Las Vegas: A desert oasis
October: On Darwin's trail
September: Around Mount Rainier
August: Stone sleuthing in Rousse, Bulgaria
July: Highway to Portage
June: Geology's Maine event
May: Cheddar Gorge: Not entirely cheesy
April: The mysteries of Lalibela, Ethiopia
March: Hiking Nicaragua's volcanoes
February: Glacier: Crown of the continent
January: Just what the DR ordered


December: Lebanon's limestone: Where the mountains meet the sea
November: Playing the slots in Utah
October: Pedaling D.C.'s monuments
September: The center of it all: visiting Central Park
August: Roving Oregon's dunes
July: Virginia's highlands
June: Geology and history intersect in Charleston
May: Soaking up Glenwood Springs
April: A Midwest glacial retreat
March: Red Rock Country
February: Cave crawling in France
January: America's garden island


December: Touring tectonics in Iceland
November: California cavernous treasures
October: North Carolina's fossil gem







Geologic travels in print:

"Memorials in Stone," Geotimes, June 2004:
In the 20th century, granite outcrops became an important medium for honoring people in U.S. history. Visit Stone Mountain in Georgia and Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
"Searching for The Map," Geotimes, October 2003:
Take a whirlwind tour through London's streets and phone lines in pursuit of William Smith's famous 1815 geologic map of Britain.
Special to the Web: Letters about the map and an accompanying photo
"Martian Field Trips on Earth," Geotimes, May 2003:
From dunes in the western United States to acid lakes in Australia, planetary geologists are looking here on Earth for clues to Mars' geologic past and present. Check out what they're finding.
"Geology Roadtrips," Geotimes, June 2001:
Canyons, gorges, dinosaur tracks, abandoned mining towns, exposed faults, prairies and mountains here are a few geological suggestions of where to have fun.

On Exhibit:

On Exhibit Archive:
Read reviews of earth science exhibits at museums across the United States.

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