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July 31
Titanic methane mystery solved?
July 17
Quake off Java triggers deadly tsunami Updated at 2:30 p.m. ET, Jul. 18
July 14
Travels in Geology: Driving to "West Dakota"
July 5
Shuttle liftoff, despite early snags
June 28
Travels in Geology: Coastal Maryland
June 26
Confirming a Chinese earthquake prediction

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Jetting Through Space
Inventors are pushing the limits to find new ways to transport people up to and then around space.
Kathryn Hansen

Revolutionary Robotic Explorers Print Exclusive
The next generation of Mars rovers will incorporate the best of the old designs along with new autonomous features that scientists are now testing on Earth.
Megan Sever

On the Lookout for Quakes on the Moon
Print Exclusive

Scientists are working to create a seismic network for the moon, in preparation for an eventual lunar station.
Clive R. Neal

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news.html News Notes
Stormy debate on hurricanes and global warming
Ship logs record Earth's magnetism
Jupiter's junior red spot
Sri Lankan water post-tsunami
Afar from close-up
Dunes on Titan
Vortex visible on Venus
Earth soaks up seawater
Climate resolution

Geophenomena Print Exclusive
Rumbles in Indonesia
Mount St. Helens rising

Energy & Resources Print Exclusive
Nigerian oil crisis
Mineral resource of the month: Lithium

Trends & Innovations Print Exclusive
Astronauts Train Under the Sea
Preparations for life in outer space may start underwater.
Megan Sever

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views.html Comment
Energy Problems Need Energy Solutions
Despite the rising cacophony of doomsayers, current energy challenges have feasible resolutions that we can work on now.
Rasoul Sorkhabi

Political Scene
Expanding Nuclear Options
Nuclear energy could be a rising star in building global energy infrastructure, but the U.S. government should not take lightly actions to expand its nuclear capabilities.
Linda Rowan

Geologic Column
Eating Dog and Breathing Hard: China, 2006

A recent visit to China revealed surprising observations about the growing country and its role in the global economy.
Fred Schwab

departments Profiles
H. Jay Zwally: Glaciologist by chance

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Movies: Moviemaking with science in mind
Books: Reaching beyond myth: A review of The Oracle: The Lost Secrets and Hidden Message of Ancient Delphi

On the Web: Titan movie scores touchdown

Benchmarks Print Exclusive
July 16, 1945: A-Bomb Test a Success
The first atomic bomb explodes in central New Mexico, heralding the start of the Atomic Era.

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Where on Earth?
At a virtual Mars station in the desert near Hanksville, Utah, volunteer researchers test ATVs as a possible way to roam around Mars. The volunteers simulate as many aspects of life on Mars as possible, including suiting up when they leave their habitat. Photo is courtesy of A. Köhler, Austrian Space Forum.
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