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August 25
Hobbit was pygmy, scientists say
August 18
Ecuadorian volcano erupts
August 16
Travels in Geology: Ferrying through the Inside Passage
August 7
BP halts North Slope oil pipeline
July 31
Titanic methane mystery solved?

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When Levees Fail
As New Orleans continues to recover from its failed levees, Central California is bracing for disaster with its aging levee system, and the Netherlands is leading the way for flood control.
Megan Sever

Hazardous Cracks Running Through Arizona Print Exclusive
People — and their groundwater usage habits — are the source of a hazard that is threatening homes and people in Western states, in which small cracks in the ground grow to enormous sizes.
Ray Harris and M. Lee Allison

Nudging the Weather Print Exclusive
Modern-day cloud seeders have new technology on their side, but still have a long way to go before proving their science works.
Lisa M. Pinsker

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news.html News Notes
Dwarfing Earth's largest dinosaur
Early life lines make waves
Faster tsunami warnings with GPS
Unlocking jade's secrets
Microbes reshuffle Earth's early history
Ancient bird fossil makes a splash
Open access advancing
From hot to cold in the Arctic
Tree rings reveal overestimate in Western water

Geophenomena Print Exclusive
Controversial Bosnian “pyramid”
Activating aftershocks

Energy & Resources Print Exclusive
Shaking out more oil
Europe on Kyoto
Mineral resource of the month: Tellurium

Trends & Innovations Print Exclusive
Rivers in Chains
The Three Gorges Dam is fueling controversy in Asia.
Carolyn Gramling

Education & Outreach
Muddling Science at Parks and Museums
Disclaimers and reduced funding are challenging the public’s exposure to science in U.S. parks and museums.
Kathryn Hansen

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views.html Comment
Oregon’s Recipe for Mitigating Earthquakes
New laws are better protecting Oregonians from seismic hazards, but passing the legislation was a lesson in persistence and education.
Yumei Wang and William Burns

Political Scene
It’s Not Hairspray: America’s Need for Science Education
All citizens — including and especially politicians — need to become well-informed on scientific issues before addressing some of Earth’s most vexing problems.
Steven Quane

Geologic Column
Where to Land?

Crater lake region or glacier — scientists have a lot to consider in choosing the perfect landing site for the next robotic mission to Mars.
Lisa Rossbacher

departments Profiles
Todd Hoeksema: A flare for all things solar

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On Exhibit: The traveling Smithsonian
Books: Sharing Earth’s beauty: A review of Bedrock: Writers on the Wonders of Geology
Books: Societal shifts: A review of The Winds of Change: Climate, Weather, and the Destruction of Civilizations

On the Web: U.N. resources

Benchmarks Print Exclusive
August 10, 1846: Smithsonian Institution Founded
President James K. Polk signs the Smithsonian Institution Act, creating the U.S. museum system from the money bequeathed by Englishman James Smithson.

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Where on Earth?
Green flames shoot from wingtip tanks that will seed clouds in North Dakota with silver iodide. Although cloud seeding in the United States is popular for everything from increasing precipitation to dispersing fog, it still lacks scientific consensus over its results. Read the story in this issue (
Print Exclusive). Photo is by Peter McBride/Aurora/Getty Images.
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