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September 29
Opportunity reaches martian crater
September 19
Travels in Geology: Summer roadtrip: A fossil aquarium in Wyoming
September 11
Mayon Volcano eruption slows
August 25
Hobbit was pygmy, scientists say
August 18
Ecuadorian volcano erupts

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Coal’s Staying Power
People have been using coal for thousands of years and will likely continue to use it for at least the next couple hundred years.
Megan Sever

Climate Change and the Potential of Coal Gasification Print Exclusive
New “clean coal” technologies are coming onto the scene, due to both high energy prices and mounting concerns about human-induced climate change.
Samuel C. Schon and Arthur A. Small III
Plus! Getting Out the Coal Print Exclusive

Health Impacts of Coal: Should We Be Concerned? Print Exclusive
Coal poses several risks to human health, particularly in developing nations, both through burning the resource and through natural inputs into the environment.
Robert B. Finkelman, Harvey E. Belkin, and Jose A. Centeno

Coalbed Gas Enters the Energy Mix Print Exclusive
Methane gas in coalbeds is becoming a more attractive energy resource, as coal is abundant globally and the gas is there for the taking.
Megan Sever

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News Notes
Microbes act as alchemists
Corals adapt to sea change
Large dinosaurs ran hot
Floral shade aids search for Earths
Hurricanes intensify red tides off Gulf
Hockey stick climate study faces scrutiny
China's massive dam alters weather
Desert varnish baked in Mojave

Geophenomena Print Exclusive
Fires burn across West
Pollutants find new paths over Tibet

Energy & Resources Print Exclusive
Costs rise for Canadian oil sands
Mineral resource of the month: Diatomite

Trends & Innovations Print Exclusive
Scaling Up Nuclear Power
With the search on for cleaner sources of energy, many people are turning back to nuclear energy, a zero-emissions alternative that has technological promise, despite political hurdles.
Kathryn Hansen

Education & Outreach
All Aboard the School of Rock
An earth science teacher talks about her experiences on a floating classroom en route from British Columbia to Mexico.
Carolyn Gramling

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views.html Comment
Testing Global Warming Hypotheses
Resolving the causes of climate change requires application of the scientific method.
Lee Gerhard

Political Scene
Where the Water Ends and the Wetland Begins
A recent Supreme Court decision sends interpretation of wetlands regulation in the Clean Water Act back to the lower courts.
Linda Rowan

Geologic Column
Big Lonesome Mountain

Everyone, even the moose, is thinking about the rocks in a park in western Newfoundland.
Lisa Rossbacher

departments Profiles
Donald Forsyth: At play in the field

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TV: Lost’s magnetic plot
Books: A search without data: A review of Life As We Do Not Know It

On the Web: Glacial change and space for kids

Benchmarks Print Exclusive
September 23, 1806: Lewis and Clark return home

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Where on Earth?
Workers harvest coal at the Peabody Coal Big Sky Mine in Wyoming using the strip mine method. Photo is copyright Stuart Jennings, Montana State University.
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