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Career Profiles:
For the past three years, the Geotimes February issue has featured geoscientists who pursue unique careers.

Stories from the Underground, February 2003
Earth Science and National Security, February 2002
Off the Beaten Path, February 2001

Select For Students Columns:
The Rocks Rediscovered, August 2002
A Summer of Fossils, May 2002
Job Market Good for New PH.D. Grads, February 2002
Careers in Oilfield Services: Geoscience Grads Shouldn't Overlook Them, September 2001
Bringing Young Scientists to the USGS, April 2001
Why Study Geology?, April 2000

Other Geotimes Career Links:
Geomedia, February 2002, reviews of career-related books
On the Web archive, helpful Web job resource links
Classifieds, job opportunites
AGI's Careers in the Geosciences Web site


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