Looking Into a Volcano: Drilling Unzen
For the first time, geologists are peering deep inside an active volcano to understand how eruptions occur.
Setsuya Nakada and John Eichelberger
A Fresh Angle on Oil Drilling
New technologies are playing a key role in controversial oil and natural gas drilling on the North Slope of Alaska.
Sara Pratt
The Global Lakes Drilling Effort
Lake sediments around the world are providing a wealth of information about past climate and regional change.
Douglas W. Schnurrenberger and Vance Hiatt
A New Era of Ocean Drilling Sets Sail
Following up on more than 40 years of ocean drilling, a new international program plans to take ocean exploration to the next level.
Kasey White

Valles Caldera Scientific Drilling

Scientists met in Los Alamos, N.M., to weigh the pros and cons of pursuing more drilling, in order to understand climate change history at this famous geothermal location.
Fraser Goff and Jeffrey M. Heikoop

March 25
Interior back online
March 24
Mars update: Standing water on planet's surface
March 19
Steady water use
March 17
Internet down again for Interior
March 16
Newly sighted planetoid in the solar system
March 8
Dinosaurs found in Antarctica
March 5
Extinction debate continues
March 4
Earth science education in Texas
March 2
Mars update: Planet once drenched in water

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News Notes
University losses at home and abroad
Creationism in a national park
Seismic premonitions
Wisconsin crater revealed
New language for geologic time
Boost for women geoscientists

Venice upheaval

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Earthquake Prediction and the Developing World
The December Bam earthquake — which killed more than 300,000 people in Iran — underscores the importance of earthquake mitigation in developing countries.
Mark Zoback

Political Scene
Dim Prospects for Geosciences '05
The upcoming election might not bode well for bipartisan cooperation and could mean more trouble for funding the geosciences in 2005.
Larry Kennedy

Geologic Column

Our Energy Future: The Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly

Geologists have more responsibility than ever to communicate the reality of the global energy situation to the public.
Fred Schwab


Julie Jackson: The quiet public geologist

Energy & Resources
(Re)Classifying oil reserves
Mineral Resource of the Month: Clays

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The Marriage of Geology and Philosophy
On the Web
Geo-journals online

Magnifying a Continent
Assembling the components of the EarthScope project is a challenge of continental proportions.
Elisabeth Nadin

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Letter from the Editor
Where on Earth?

From 1991 to 1995, Unzen Volcano in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan, violently erupted. Now geologists are drilling into the volcano to learn more about how magma rises to the surface. This picture of an Unzen fumarole and nearby lava was taken by Hiroshi Shimizu, professor of seismology at Kyushu University.

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