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Past Political Scene and Political Comment articles from Geotimes magazine

2008 Issues
August "Opportunity in Change: Telling the Next Administration What it Needs to Know," by P. Patrick Leahy
May "California’s Battle over Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards," by Marcy Gallo
April "Design Issues in Climate Policy: How Cap-and-Trade Took Center Stage," by Bryan K. Mignone
March "Oil: Is Now the Time to Fill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve?" by Benjamin A. Eisterhold and Michael E. Webber
January "The New Upside-down Politics of Climate Protection," by Bryan K. Mignone

2007 Issues
November "Science Legislation: America COMPETES, Geeks Rule and Everybody Wins," by Linda Rowan
October "Energy Independence and Climate Change: Linked but Separate," by Josh Trapani
September "Water: Our Most Valuable Commodity Gains Congressional Attention," by Linda Rowan
July "The Life of a Bill," by Allyson K. Anderson
June "Fire and Ice on Capitol Hill," by Allyson K. Anderson
May "Proposals to Regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the 110th Congress," by Josh Trapani
March "A Change in Climate in Congress: To Act or Not To Act," by Linda Rowan
January "Diversity in the Geosciences — We Can Do Better," by Margaret Anne Baker

2006 Issues
December "A Look Back at the 109th Congress: Like Oil and Water," by Linda Rowan
November "A Winding Path to the Energy Hill," by Allyson K. Anderson
October "Congress Weighs in on Geoscience Training," by Margaret Anne Baker
September "Where the Water Ends and the Wetland Begins," by Linda Rowan
August "It’s Not Hairspray: America’s Need for Science Education," by Steven Quane
July "Expanding Nuclear Options," by Linda Rowan
June "NASA Science: The Sick Man of Federal Research," by Margaret Anne Baker
May "The Rocket Docket: Legislating Science Out of Public Policy," by Steven Quane
April "Energy Efforts on Tap," by Margaret Anne Baker
March "Fueling America’s Innovation Now," by Linda Rowan
February "The Great Washington Rift," by Steven Quane
January "The Rise and Fall of FEMA," by
Linda Rowan

2005 Issues
December "Now We Must Conserve," by Linda Rowan
November "A Volcanologist Enters Energy Politics," by Steven Quane
October "A Denuclearized Korean Peninsula," by Katie Donnelly
September "Congressional Climate: Changing or Chilling?," by Linda Rowan
August "The State of Nuclear Nonproliferation," by Katie Donnelly
July "The Energy Bill: Is It Big and Broad Enough?" by Linda Rowan
June "Water Woes: Predictable But Not Inevitable," by Eloise Kendy
May "Clear Skies Clouded in Legislative Discontent," by Linda Rowan
April "Creationism: Back in Kansas Again," by Linda Rowan
March "Inside Baseball Rules Congress," by Emily Lehr Wallace
February "For Starters: Lame Duck," by Katie Donnelly
January "Stacking Up the New Congress," by Emily Lehr Wallace

2004 Issues
December "Beating Natural Hazards to the Punch," by Emily Lehr Wallace and David R. Millar
November "Open Access: Open Debate?" by Emily Lehr Wallace
October "Petrology and Politics," by Katie Donnelly
September "Mr. Smith in Washington: Fighting for Science," by Dan Byers
August "Budget Procrastination," by Emily Lehr Wallace
July "Suppressing Science in Policy: Sharing Responsibility," by Eloise Kendy
June "Science Funding Left Behind," by Emily Lehr Wallace
May "Breaking Down the Barriers: A Two-Part Series, Part II," by Eloise Kendy and Kevin Vranes
April "Breaking Down the Barriers: A Two-Part Series, Part I," by Eloise Kendy and Kevin Vranes
"Dim Prospects for Geosciences ‘05," by Larry Kennedy
February "Grand Plan for Another World," by David Applegate
January "The 2003 Energy Bill: Did Politics Trump Science?" by Eloise Kendy

2003 Issues
December "Water is for Fightin’" by David Applegate
November "Our Public Lands," by Larry Kennedy
October "Endowing the AGI Congressional Fellowship," by David Applegate
September "Opposition to Evolution Takes Many Forms," by David Applegate
August "A Geological Path to City Hall," by Larry Kennedy
June "Congress Re-examines Earthquake Policy," by David Applegate
May "Another Stab at Energy Legislation," by David Applegate
April "Geosciences Again Look to Congress to Restore Cuts," by David Applegate and Margaret A. Baker
"Scientist on the Hill: An Introduction," by Larry Kennedy
February "New Congress, New Faces," by David Applegate
January "New Congress Faces Same Issues," by David Applegate

2002 Issues
December "A Year in the Sausage Factory," by David Curtiss
November "Homeland Security, Broadly Defined," by David Applegate
October "The Time Has Come for a USGS Coalition," by David Applegate
September "Federal Law Misused in Ohio Education Debate," by David Applegate
August "Climate Policy that Makes a Difference," by David Curtiss
June "Energy Policy at the Crossroads," by David Applegate
May "Becoming a Standard-Bearer," by David Curtiss
April "Turning a Request into Reality," by David Applegate
March "Taking Aim at a Defense Budget," by David Applegate and Margaret Baker
February "Anthrax in the House," by Katy Makeig
January "A Decade in the Game: AGI's Government Affairs Program," by David Applegate

2001 Issues
December "A Fellow's Welcome to Washington," by David Curtiss
November "Run for Office!" by David Applegate
October "Reviving the Office of Technology Assessment," by Katy Makeig
September "Monkey Business," by David Applegate
August "Crossing Geopolitical Borders," by David Applegate
July "Energy and Responsibility: The Buck Stops Here," by Katy Makeig
June "Science Fares Poorly in Campaign Budget" by David Applegate
May "Climate Policy Needs a New Approach," by David Applegate
April "Making the Investment," by Margaret A. Baker
March "Confronting Natural Disasters," by David Applegate
February "The Road Ahead," by David Applegate
January "Scientist as Policy-Maker," by Katy Makeig

2000 Issues
December "Science Policy to Your Door," by David R. Wunsch
November "High Prices at the Pump? Time to Talk Energy Policy," by David Applegate
October " What Johnny Really Needs to Know: A View From the Hill," by Eileen McLellan
September "Congress Rethinks Science Education Policy," by David Applegate
August "Sustaining the Conversation," by Eileen McLellan
July "Creationists Open a New Front," by David Applegate
June "Go Tell It on the Hill," by David Applegate
May "Troubled Waters," by Eileen McLellan
April "Reflections on the President's Budget Request," by David Applegate
March "Gone Fishing," by Eileen McLellan
February "AGI Statement on Global Climate Change," by David Applegate
January "The Two Cultures," by Eileen McLellan

1999 Issues
December "Test Ban Tumult worth the Effort," by David Applegate
November "Geoscientists in a Changing World: Where Do We Stand?" by David R. Wunsch
October "The Political Lessons of Kansas," by David Applegate
September "Farewell to Congressman Brown," by David Applegate
August "Freedom of Information: Too Much of a Good Thing?" by David Applegate
July "Geologic Disposal in Political Time," by David Applegate
June "Does SPR Spell Relief for the Domestic Oil Industry?" by David R. Wunsch
May "Making Environmental Science Policy at NSF," by David Applegate
April "The President's Budget Request for the Geosciences," by David Applegate and Kasey Shewey White
March "Senators Debate Response to Oil Crisis," by David Applegate
February "Are the Geosciences Keeping Up?" by David Applegate
January "A Fellow on the Hill," by David R. Wunsch

1998 Issues
December "A Look Back at the 105th Congress," by David Applegate
November "A Science Policy for the Next 50 Years?" by David Applegate
October "Education Policy Begins at Home," by David Applegate
September "Lobbying and the Geoscience Community," by David Applegate


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