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June 28
Travels in Geology: Coastal Maryland

June 26
Confirming a Chinese earthquake prediction
June 15
Ancient bird fossil makes a splash
May 31
Travels in Geology: Auvergne
May 30
Indonesian quake linked to volcanic activity?
May 19
Hobbit's species status in question

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A Nanotechnology Revolution for the Geosciences
The manipulation of individual atoms and molecules through nanotechnology could have a big impact on alternative energy, resource extraction and pollution control.
Stephen L. Gillett

Extreme Microbes: Testing Lifes Limits
Print Exclusive
Microbial life survives in astonishing environmental extremes on Earth, shedding light on the search for life elsewhere in the universe.
Robert M. Hazen

Exploring Life in the High Lakes
Print Exclusive
Nathalie Cabrol is free diving in one of the highest lakes on Earth to understand lakes, and life, on ancient Mars.
Tim Palucka

Microsatellite Mania
Print Exclusive

Satellites are shrinking, as researchers look for new ways to keep an eye on the planet.
Kathryn Hansen
Plus! Satellite Size Breakdown Print Exclusive

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news.html News Notes
Fish fossil fills evolutionary gap
Found: One of many missing human links
Fish teeth bite into Antarctic formation
Plate shifts in the Pacific Northwest
Ancient methane-makers
Penguins endure extinction event
Seeing below Tambora
Warming opened Americas to humans

Geophenomena Print Exclusive
Sea levels may rise sooner
Eastern Europe fights massive flooding

Energy & Resources Print Exclusive
Is ethanol the answer?
Mineral Resource of the Month: Beryllium

Trends & Innovations Print Exclusive
Smart Volcano Mini-Sensors
In the dangerous world of volcano monitoring, researchers are working to find new ways to make their monitoring instruments smaller, lighter, cheaper and intelligent.
Megan Sever

Education & Outreach
Geoscience Training in Full Force
A summer program is immersing high school students in geology through classroom, field and real-world experiences.
Kathryn Hansen

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views.html Comment
Global Warming: Whose Problem is it Anyway?
The United States needs to stop being an ostrich and start being more of a hawk in the war against global warming.
Michael Glantz

Political Scene
NASA Science: The Sick Man of Federal Research
Due to a lack of funding and support, NASA’s science programs are anemic, potentially limiting opportunities for young scientists engaged in crosscutting research.
Margaret Anne Baker

Geologic Column
Getting Unstuck

Do you have writer’s block or a general lack of inspiration? Some simple tricks could help you turn the light bulb back on.
Lisa Rossbacher

departments Profiles
Natalie Mahowald: Interdisciplinary intellect

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On Exhibit: Art from the rocks
Books: Pleistocene ecology and public policy: A review of Twilight of the Mammoths: Ice Age Extinctions and the Rewilding of America

On the Web: Google delves into Mars

Benchmarks Print Exclusive
June 20, 1977: Oil Flows From Alaska Pipeline
Nearly 10 years after the discovery of oil at Prudhoe Bay on Alaska’s North Slope, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline comes online to move oil from the bay south to the Valdez port.

Table of Contents
Where on Earth?
Scientists are crossing disciplines to get a new view of life on the planet, as well as physical processes, using small-than-ever technology and tools. Cover designed by Mark Shaver. Image of Earth from Digital Vision.
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Next month: Space exploration

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