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April 29
Drought in the Horn of Africa
April 20
New seasonal hurricane prediction

April 18
Travels in Geology: Lalibela, Ethiopia
April 15
New evidence for the earliest hominid
April 8
Oil price outlook high
March 28

Hundreds dead in magnitude-8.7 Sumatra earthquake Updated 9:00 a.m., March 29
March 28
Sumatra seismic risk

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Global warming mainly from people's activities
Global warming mainly from natural processes
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What Makes Good Climates Go Bad?
Many factors affect any given climate and how well people can adapt.
Michael Glantz

A River Runs Through Egypt: Nile Floods and Civilization Print Exclusive
The highs and lows of the Nile River have shaped the course of Egyptian civilization for more than 8,000 years.
Fekri A. Hassan

Climate Policy in an Adapting World Print Exclusive
The same philosophy that leads people to buy insurance for house fires and accidents should guide society for future climate change policy.
Gary Yohe

Illuminating the Black Box of Climate Print Exclusive
Global climate models have gotten a boost in recent years from better geologic information and more computing power, but long-term prediction remains challenging.
Naomi Lubick
news.html News Notes
Dream homes slip away
Listening to Titan
Tsunami reveals ancient ruins
Sumatra quake stronger than thought
Redating the earliest humans
Mass extinction, massive problem
Space dust and snowball Earth
Vesuvius' next eruption
New dates defy fixed hotspots
Revisiting the Lost City

Geophenomena Print Exclusive
Artificial aurora
Seismically outfitting Hermes

Trends and Innovations

Melting Glaciers Reveal Ancient Bodies Print Exclusive
From the European Iceman to Incan mummies, old bodies are resurfacing, largely intact, from retreating glaciers.
Megan Sever

Energy & Resources Print Exclusive
Russian oil doors close, maybe
Exploring for oil with satellites
Mineral of the Month: Garnet

Education & Outreach
Geologic Etiquette in a Mechanized Era

Field researchers need to take greater care in sampling rock formations.
Peter A. Scholle

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views.html Comment
Investing in Cooperative Water Research
More funding is essential to the future of U.S. water monitoring and research partnerships.
Emery T. Cleaves

Political Scene
Creationism: Back in Kansas Again
In Kansas, some people are trying to redefine science to push forward a religious debate.
Linda Rowan

Geologic Column
Shakespeare or the Monkey?
Scientists need to join in the battle to defend the teaching of evolution in the classroom.
Fred Schwab

departments Profiles
G. Brent Dalrymple: Deep time in a tarpaper shack

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Arctic climate change in photos
Books: An icy history: A review of Frozen Earth
Maps: Mapping sinkhole risk in Maryland

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Benchmarks Print Exclusive
April 5, 1859
Charles Darwin submits his first three chapters of The Origin of Species for publication.

Table of Contents
Where on Earth?

A diver examines the wall of a Byzantine structure, measuring 30 by 30 meters (almost 100 by 100 feet), beneath the waves east of Canopus in Abu Qir Bay, Egypt. This settlement became submerged probably in the 7th century, due to a climate change event that caused high floods on the Nile River. Over the last 8,000 years, changes in the Nile have shaped civilization in Egypt. Read story on page 22. Photo courtesy of Jean-Daniel Stanley, Smithsonian Institution and the European Institute of Submarine Archaeology, Paris.
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May: Human Health

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