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July 26
Discovery returns to flight
July 25
Rare 3-D fossil preservation
July 14
Travels in Geology: Seward Highway
July 5
Deep Impact strikes back
July 1

Titanic lake?
June 22
Travels in Geology: Maine
June 17
California earthquake roundup
June 16
Great Salt Lake spiral submerged

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Collision Course: Deep Impact
This month, an 816-pound spacecraft is scheduled to collide with Tempel 1, a comet 83 million miles away, which scientists hope will shed light on the formation of the solar system.
Lucy McFadden and Peter Schultz

Journey to a Titanic World Print Exclusive
Last January, a probe landed on Saturn's largest moon to explore its intriguing atmosphere and terrain.
Jean-Pierre Lebreton

Martian Views Print Exclusive
Through pictures sent back to Earth, the martian rovers, Opportunity and Spirit, have much to tell of their year-and-a-half-long journey across the red planet.

Planet-Finder's Guide to the Universe Print Exclusive
New-generation telescopes and observing platforms are getting off Earth to find other Earth-like planets.
Naomi Lubick

news.html News Notes
Monitoring the most dangerous U.S. volcanoes
Dinosaur links meat-eaters and vegetarians
Fossil forests sunk by salt
Swiss wrap glacier for summer
Following scientists post-9/11
Carbon leaching out of Siberian peat
Mars' lost landers
The heart of a landslide
Soaking in extra sun
Style over function for Stegosaurus

Geophenomena Print Exclusive
American Beaches Awash With Politics
Artificially endowing beaches with sand is an expensive and arduous task that can fail easily if geology is not taken into account.
Orrin H. Pilkey

Energy & Resources Print Exclusive
Aging Alaska oil pipelines
Mineral of the Month: Boron

Trends & Innovations Print Exclusive
Tracking Gorilla Habitat Changes

Both gorillas and the forests where they live are endangered, leading conservationists to look to satellites for land-use monitoring.
Megan Sever

Education & Outreach
Making a Public Impact
From comet and bird-watching to weather observations, average people are helping scientists in measurable ways.
Megan Sever

views.html Comment
Peaking of World Oil Production: Is the Wolf Near?
Determining when the world’s oil is going to peak poses a unique challenge to petroleum geologists, economists and policy-makers, but the time to act is now.
Robert L. Hirsch, Roger H. Bezdek and Robert M. Wendling

Political Scene
The Energy Bill: Is It Big and Broad Enough?
The U.S. House of Representatives has finally passed an energy bill, but the effort to shape national energy policy is far from over.
Linda Rowan

Geologic Column
Banking on Earthquakes

The founding of the Bank of America is intimately linked to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.
Lisa Rossbacher

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departments Profiles
Marcia McNutt: Oceangoing geophysicist

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Books: Seeing landscapes from above
Books: This is not your father’s creationism: A review of Creationism’s Trojan Horse
DVDs: Hubble’s anniversary
On the Shelf: Mars and beyond

On the Web: Space and time

Benchmarks Print Exclusive
June 6, 1980
Luis and Walter Alvarez propose an impact explanation for the dinosaurs’ demise.

Table of Contents
Where on Earth?

On July 4, the Deep Impact spacecraft will ram into comet Tempel 1. The aim of the mission is to give scientists a view of crater formation on the comet, while examining the materials that compose the icy body, which they believe represent the composition of the early solar system. Image courtesy NASA/JPL/UMD and adapted from original. Read the story here.
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August: Renewable Energy

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